The Zoonies were happy with their new choice of home in Wobbly Way, Wonky-On-Sea. Upon moving in, they were fortunate enough to have beds and inflatable, brightly coloured settees to sit on. They loved the back garden because they had space to park their wiggleship, as well as being able to grow flowers and sit out in the sun.

Mrs Gummy next door paid The Zoonies a welcome visit and very kindly gives them a bunch of flowers picked from her garden. The Zoonies say thank you very much and eat them. They didn’t realise that they should have put them instead into a vase of water.

Mrs Gummy suggest to them that they decorate the walls to brighten the house up and so she kindly gives them some spare paint from her shed and a new roll of leftover carpet for them to put down in the hallway.

So The Zoonies start decorating. They stick the carpet to the walls and decide to paint the floor. They didn’t realise that homemaking was so much fun!

The other things that The Zoonies needed were bedclothes and curtains. Mrs Gummy came to the rescue once more, as now living on her own, she had plenty of spare bedclothes and curtains that she very kindly gave to The Zoonies.

‘Put the curtains up at the windows and the bedclothes on the bed.’ She said to them, knowing these were silly zoonies.

So The Zoonies stuck the blankets to the windows and used the curtains instead as blankets. They were VERY silly zoonies.

At last the house was beginning to look like a home. Mrs Gummy suggested they wander into the town of Wonky-On-Sea to shop for some food and drink for their cupboards.

So they wiggle into town and call into Bluffs the Estate Agents where they had bought their house from.

‘We would like to buy some food please.’ Ask The Zoonies.

‘No zoonies, you can’t buy food here. We sell houses. You will have to go to the food shop across the road.’ replied the Estate Agent pointing in the direction across the street.

‘Thank you.’ They replied and wiggled out of the door.  The Zoonies then wander to the other side of the road. Suddenly, cars were screeching to a halt just missing them, and bibbing their horns very loudly indeed ‘BOM BOM BOM!!’ It frightened The Zoonies.

They didn’t realise that they had to stop, look and listen before crossing the road. Silly zoonies!!

They wander into another shop, but it turns out to be a launderette. Large washing machines and tumble dryers are making loud noises and there are baskets of clothes everywhere ready to be washed.

‘Could we have some food please?’ ask The Zoonies.

‘We don’t sell food here.’ the reply came. You have to go to Mr Gill’s corner shop at the end of the road.’

‘Thank you.’ Replied The Zoonies and off they wiggled outside. They hadn’t a clue as to where the food shop was, and so they asked a passer by who then pointed at the right shop. It happened to be just around the corner from where their new home was, which was very handy indeed.

‘Good afternoon.’ Said Mr Gill the shopkeeper as The Zoonies entered the food shop. ‘What would you like? We sell everything. Anything you want.’ He said with a beaming smile.

‘We would like some food please.’ They ask. ‘You have come to the right place!’ replied Mr Gill who then hands The Zoonies a shopping basket. The Zoonies look confused and Wiggle then places the basket on his head like a hat. ‘Oh no! You use the basket to put your other shopping in!’ said Mr Gill. Silly zoonies.

The Zoonies wander around the shop, not quite knowing what to buy. They choose lots of cat food (not realising that they didn’t actually have a cat, but at least they can give the food to Mrs Gummy next door who does own a cat.)

The Zoonies then fill their new basket with lots of vegetables and fruit – the same brightly coloured fruit that they used to grow and eat on their old home planet! This was making The Zoonies feel at home already!

They filled their basket with yellow bananas, red apples, peaches and oranges.

Then they wiggle over to the vegetables and pick up some orange carrots and swede, green broccoli, yellow and sweet red peppers. Yummy!

When their basket was full, The Zoonies then wiggled over to Mr Gill who then prices up the cat food, fruit and vegetables on the till.

‘That will be £10.00 please zoonies.’

‘Here is Earth money.’ replied Wiggle who handed Mr Gill the £10.00 money note.

‘Thank you very much, sir.’ replied Mr Gill.

The Zoonies thanked him for his help and the five zoonie friends left the food shop.

This time, they carefully stood by the edge of the pavement, looked both left and right to make sure this time there were no cars coming towards them before carefully crossing the road. The Zoonies all held each other’s hands as they wiggled across safely to the other side. ‘That was less scary!’ they said.

After a short walk, The Zoonies reached home and closed the front door behind them.

They unpacked their food shopping and they put it all away in the bath in the bathroom, when they should have put the food away in the cupboards and fridge in the kitchen.

‘Home is the place to be.’ They said.

‘We shall be happy living here in Wonky-On-Sea.’